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The Wild Beauty of the Coast to Coast Path

Planning your Coast to Coast walk

Planning to Walk the Coast to Coast Path

Although the Coast to Coast path is very popular and visited by 10,000 or more walkers each year, this does not mean that it is an easy walk and one should not become too laid back in preparing for it. Some sections are jolly tough, especially in poor weather. If at all possible it would be useful to have a few scouting weekends to see what some of the tougher sections are like, e.g. Birkdale Common (between Kirkby Stephen and Keld), Kidsty Howes (dropping to Hawswater), and Lownathwaite above the Gunnerside Beck. With the aid of sensible navigation the path is not too hard bad but you must plan for mist and rain, which can produce their own hazards particularly if you stray from the path.

Each of the three national parks that the path passes through has a completely different geological structure and immensely varied scenery. The Lake District is mountainous and wet, the Yorkshire Dales has a predominantly karst landscape, and the North York Moors are made up of ups and downs and soft ground.

Always ensure that you let someone know where you are planning to walk each day, and what time you are expected to arrive.

List of things to take on your Coast to Coast Walk

Planning, Coast to Coast walk

Planning the Coast to Coast walk requires careful reflection. It is 192 miles long, and reaches across England's rugged paths. You must prepare for rapid weather changes, mist, bolderous paths, bogs and mountains. Digital and non-digital mapping is needed, compass, torch and reliable clothing.

Rugged Terrain, Seavy Knott
Rugged Terrain, Seavy Knott
1 High scale digital map on your phone (OS and/or Google Map)
2 Large scale OS Paper Map (backup map) with plastic wallet
3 Guidebook, digital if possible, keeping it on your phone
4 Compass
5 Waterproof rucksack
6 Waterproof clothing, even on a sunny day
7 Spare warm clothing
8 Spare food and plenty of water
9 Survival Whistle. Familiarise yourself with an emergency blast - 3 loud short blasts (3 seconds each) and about 3 seconds between
10 Suitable footwear for deep mud and hard rock
11 Torch, spare batteries, spare bulb

Hartley Moor - Boots definitely needed for walking in this

Hartley Moor - boots needed

Seavy Knott and Loft Beck - Plenty of rocks to test your boots

Seavy Knott - rocks
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Wild Beauty of the Coast to Coast Path

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Coast to Coast eBook

The Wild Beauty of the Coast to Coast Path

The Wild Beauty of the Coast to Coast Path is designed both as a trail guide, and as an informative and adventurous travelogue. Written by Roy David McKee, this is a must-read for anyone contemplating the walk.

The book is available from the iBooks store and has been digitally enhanced.

Features of the Book:
  • Route described in detail
  • Large scale detailed digital Maps of the route
  • Hundreds of colour photographs that can be expanded to full page
  • Photo-galleries of particular areas of interest.
  • Research notes of Historic and Interesting places on the path.
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