Lake District - Coast to Coast

St Bees to Kirkby Stephen - Article Index

Walking the Lake District section of the Coast to Coast path is traditionally divided into 7 different sections, each corresponding to one day's walking

  • St Bees to Ennerdale Bridge
  • Ennerdale Bridge to Rosthwaite
  • Rosthwaite to Grasmere
  • Grasmere to Patterdale
  • Patterdale to Hawswater
  • Hawswater to Orton (Raisbeck)
  • Orton (Raisbeck) to Kirkby Stephen
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Coast to Coast Trail Guide
Route Map, Lake District, Coast to Coast
St Bees to Ennerdale
Blakeley Moss Stone Circle
This stone circle is sited at the side of Scarny Brow, just by its junction with the Nannycatch footpath
Cleator Moor Cycle Route
The Coast to Coast path uses a section of the cycle route as it passes around the town of Moor Row.
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Dent Fell
Dent Fell rises to 352m and is the first steep hill encountered on the Coast to Coast path from St Bees
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Flatfell Screes
Flatfell Screes rise from the Nannycatch Valley, forming the east wall of Flat Fell, on the Coast to Coast
Longlands Lake
This is a council owned lake, by which the River Ehen flows, very close to the Coast to Coast in Cleator
Nannycatch Gate
The entrance to the narrow valley at the south east foot of Flat Fell is known as Nannycatch gate
North Head
This is the name given to the northern part of the huge headland of St Bees where it turns east to form Saltom Bay
Raven Crag
Raven Crag forms the north east escarpment of Dent Fell, overlooking Flat Fell and the Kirk Beck valley
River Ehen
The River Ehen begins as the western outflow from Ennerdale Water and makes its way to the Irish Sea
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Rottington Beck
The Rottington Beck begins just outside Rottington and flows south west into the Irish Sea at St Bees
St Bees Lighthouse
This lighthouse is built on the top of, and midway up, the St Bees headland and was rebuilt in 1865 after a fire
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St Bees Man
The St Bees Man is the well preserved 14th century corpse of Anthony De Lucy discovered in St Bees Priory in 1981
Thorney Beck
The Thorney Beck provides a wildlife corridor as flows both east and west from its woodland source on Hannah Moor
Ennerdale to Rosthwaite
Black Sail
Black Sail YHA lies in a remote wilderness on the Coast to Coast path below Hay Stacks, near the River Liza
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Crag Fell
Crag Fell overlooks Ennerdale Water at its western end, and the Coast to Coast path, above Anglers Crag
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Ennerdale Water
The Coast to Coast path follows the southern shores of Ennerdale Water from beginning to end.
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Gamlin End
Gamlin End is the steep cliff from High Crag down to Seat, that is followed by the Coast to Coast path in a zig zag course
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Grey Knotts
The Coast to Coast passes along the side of Grey Knotts from the top of Seavy Knott en route to the Honister tramway
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High Stile
This is the highest mountain on the Red Pike ridge overlooking the Coast to Coast path above Ennerdale Forest
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Honister Tramway
Honister tramway is a safe place to aim for after Seavy Knott, and leads to the safety of the road at Honister
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Johnny Wood
Johnny Wood lies between Seatoller and Longthwaite and is a small deciduous wood to the north of the River Derwent
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Latterbarrow Forest
This is the coniferous wood on the northern side of Ennerdale Water, 3 miles of which the Coast to Coast path follows
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Red Pike
Red Pike is a high mountain easily attained as a diversion from the Coast to Coast path from which it rises
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Seat is an often under-rated mountain rising half-way up High Crag and breaking the drop from Gamlin End
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Seavy Knott
Seavy Knott rises along the tumbling Loft Beck on a path strewn with large boulders to reach Grey Knotts
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Woundell Vaccary
This is a medieval 12th-13th century ranching farm for cattle at the head of Ennerdale Water on the Coast to Coast path
Rosthwaite to Grasmere
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Bull Crag
Bull Crag rises sharply from the campsite in the Stonethwaite valley, forming part of an attractive ridge
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Cumbria Way
The Cumbria Way follows part of the Coast to Coast path as it makes its way along the Stonethwaite Valley
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Eagle Crag
Eagle Crag is the most dominant landscape marker on the Coast to Coast along the Stonethwaite Valley
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Galleny Force
This is a small waterfall on the Stonethwaite Beck, known for the public's fondness to skinny dip there
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Huddlestone's Shop
There is a local area of woodland on the south west lower slopes of Knotts, above Stonethwaite
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Long Crag
Long Crag can be seen from the Stonethwaite valley as it makes its way towards Greenup Edge
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This is a pleasant village at the entrance to Stonethwaite Valley, between the River Derwent and Stonethwaite Beck
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Smithymire Island
This is an area of large stones forming a modest island in dry weather, in the Stonethwaite Beck
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Stonethwaite is a twee village about a mile from Rosthwaite and on the banks of the Stonethwaite Beck
Grasmere to Patterdale
Brothers Parting Stone
This is a commemorative stone erected following the death of John Wordsworth, William's brother
Gavel Crag
Gavel Crag is a steep crag on the eastern edge of Seat Sandal, at the side of the Coast to Coast path
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Grisedale Tarn
This lake lies along the Coast to Coast path in the bowl below Seat Sandal, Fairfield and Dollywaggon Pike
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Hause Riggs
This is a steep escarpment that the Coast to Coast passes along on a narrow level area on the side of Seat Sandal
Little Tongue
Little Tongue is a narrow spur coming down from Seat Sandal towards Mill Bridge on the Coast to Coast path
Ruthwaite Cove
Ruthwaite Cove is a collection bowl for water coming from High Crag, Nethermost Crag and The Tongue
St Sunday Crag
This is the ridge top above the Grisedale Valley, providing an attractive walk from the Tarn to Patterdale
Tongue Gill
This fast flowing gill begins near Hause Riggs and passes below the main road at Mill Bridge on the Coast to Coast
Patterdale to Hawswater
Angle Tarn
The Coast to Coast passes around the base of the twin Angle Tarn Pikes and then follows around Angle Tarn itself
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Boredale Hause
This is a pass between the valleys of Boredale and Patterdale, where five footpaths meet.
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High Street
High Street, an ancient Roman road, is accessed on the Coast to Coast via the Straits of Riggindale and The Knott
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Prison Crag
The Coast to Coast passes over the top of Prison Crag after crossing Satura Crag, on the way to The Knott
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Riggindale is the dale formed by the Riggindale Beck flowing between Kidsty Pike and Rough Crag
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Satura Crag
The Coast to Coast passes over the top of this rocky outcrop which lies between Buck Crag and Rest Dodd
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The Knott
The Knott has a 739m summit, reached by the Coast to Coast en route to the Straits of Riggindale
Hawswater to Orton
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All Saints Church
The 12th century All Saints church in Orton dominates the view for miles around with its whitewashed tower
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Goggleby Stone
The Goggleby Stone is a large megalithic standing stone dating back to 3000 bc, being just off the Coast to Coast
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Hardendale Nab
This is a small hill of 370m crossed by the Coast to Coast path between Shap and Oddendale.
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Orton Scar
Orton Scar forms the southern and the west cliff edges of limestone upland, north of Orton on the Coast to Coast
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Shap Abbey
Shap Abbey ruins date to 1199, but the outline of the main rooms can still be seen, and the tower still stands
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Thornthwaite Force
This long cascade of waterfalls lies on the Hawswater Beck near to Naddle Bridge and issues from Hawswater
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Wicker Street
Wicker Street is a long Roman road that traverses Crosby Ravensworth Fell, a limestone pavement area
Begin Hill
Begin Hill is a small fell that descends from the moorland of Crosby Garrett to the Smardale Valley
Scandal Beck
Scandal Beck flows under the Smardale Viaduct and along the Smardale Valley in an incredibly attractive setting
Orton to Kirkby Stephen
Giants Graves
The Giants Graves are the Smardale Pillow Mounds, former commercial rabbit warrens in Smardale Valley
Severals is a prehistoric village on the south side of Begin Hill above the Smardale Valley and Scandal Beck
Great Ewe Fell
Great Ewe Fell overlooks Newbiggin on Lune and is the start of the approach to the Smardale valley
Sunbiggin Tarn
Sunbiggin Tarn lies on Tarn Moor, beside a narrow moorland road. It is only yards from Cow Dub, a smaller tarn