Ennerdale Bridge to Rosthwaite

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Informational and educational articles for places visited, or near to, the Ennerdale Bridge to Rosthwaite section of the Coast to Coast path are indexed below. Additional articles are added weekly, and existing articles are updated regularly.

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Coast to Coast Trail Guide
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Black Sail
Black Sail YHA lies in a remote wilderness on the Coast to Coast path below Hay Stacks, near the River Liza
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Crag Fell
Crag Fell overlooks Ennerdale Water at its western end, and the Coast to Coast path, above Anglers Crag
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Ennerdale Water
The Coast to Coast path follows the southern shores of Ennerdale Water from beginning to end.
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Gamlin End
Gamlin End is the steep cliff from High Crag down to Seat, that is followed by the Coast to Coast path in a zig zag course
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Grey Knotts
The Coast to Coast passes along the side of Grey Knotts from the top of Seavy Knott en route to the Honister tramway
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High Stile
This is the highest mountain on the Red Pike ridge overlooking the Coast to Coast path above Ennerdale Forest
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Honister Tramway
Honister tramway is a safe place to aim for after Seavy Knott, and leads to the safety of the road at Honister
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Johnny Wood
Johnny Wood lies between Seatoller and Longthwaite and is a small deciduous wood to the north of the River Derwent
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Latterbarrow Forest
This is the coniferous wood on the northern side of Ennerdale Water, 3 miles of which the Coast to Coast path follows
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Red Pike
Red Pike is a high mountain easily attained as a diversion from the Coast to Coast path from which it rises
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Seat is an often under-rated mountain rising half-way up High Crag and breaking the drop from Gamlin End
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Seavy Knott
Seavy Knott rises along the tumbling Loft Beck on a path strewn with large boulders to reach Grey Knotts
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Woundell Vaccary
This is a medieval 12th-13th century ranching farm for cattle at the head of Ennerdale Water on the Coast to Coast path