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Crag Fell - Ennerdale - Coast to Coast walk

Crag Fell, Coast to Coast

Crag Fell is at the Ennerdale Bridge end of Ennerdale Water, where its angular shape casts its shadow eerily over the narrow footpath that snakes below it, following closely the shoreline of the lake. Crag Fell is large enough to have many of its outcrops named separately. It rises steeply from the water's edge to a summit of 523 metres. The cliff between the shoreline and the summit is its steepest side. Descending this way from the summit the scarp begins to reduce in steepness before falling just as steeply again to the waters edge. The area where it begins to fall steeply again is Angler's Crag.

The River Ehen is the name given to the lake's outflow. Between the summit and the start of the outflow is Revelin Crag, again rising steeply from the water's edge before lessening in steepness as the summit is approached. Separating Revelin Crag from the slopes of Grike, an adjoining peak rising to 488 metres, is Ben Gill, whose twin, barely separated valleys, steer its roaring waters to cascade over a waterfall and continue their downward flight to the River Ehen.
Angler's Crag
Ben Gill
Crag Fell
Ennerdale Water
Revelin Crag
River Ehen

Anglers Crag - Crag Fell

Anglers Crag
The Coast to Coast path follows the shoreline and angles up and around the top of Angler's Crag, to descend at an adjoining footpath back to the shoreline, where it continues around the lakeside. On the other side of the Coast to Coast path from Angler's Crag are some well weathered stony pinnacles that add to the grandeur of the panorama. Atop Crag Fell is a large loose stone summit cairn.

Robin Hood's Chair, a small rocky outcrop overhanging the Lake, is just below Angler's Crag. When walking the Coast to Coast path with my wife Carol in 2016, we had quite an adventure near here when I mistakenly followed a false path just for a few yards. After negotiating a really difficult scramble we found ourselves in extreme danger when I realised the path had come to an end and that all that lay before us was air. The rocks were wet and slippery, and I wasn't sure if we could return the way we had come. Carol was between myself and our way back but she was quite bold in climbing back, and we were soon safe. The flash path is far easier to sea than the actual path, and I am sure we were not the first to make that mistake.

There are many disused mines on the eastern slopes of Crag Fell, where hematite was once mined, but these fell into disuse almost as soon as they were opened, as the workable ore was insufficient to sustain profitability.

Walking along the Coast to Coast path below Crag Fell was a marvellous introduction to the wilderness ahead of us and a welcome walk that we thoroughly enjoyed.
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