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The Wild Beauty of the Coast to Coast Path

Ennerdale Water - Coast to Coast path

Ennerdale Water, Coast to Coast

Ennerdale Water, the most westerly of the Lake District's glacial lakes, is hauntingly supreme in its grandeur, and every aspect of it holds wonders. Walking the second section of the Coast to Coast path, a short distance from Ennerdale Bridge takes you to the western shore of the Lake. From here the mountains on the opposite shore, Herdus, Great Bourne and Starling Dodd are awesome to look at, especially with the mist scutting across the mountain tops, as it often does. The Lake is just over two and a half miles in length and half mile in width.

Alfred Wainwright's route for the Coast to Coast footpath follows along the south shore of Ennerdale Water, and the lakescape in all directions, even during inclement weather is amazing. The water is crystal clear and teeming with fish. Ennerdale Water is fed from the River Liza at its eastern head and the lake outflows into the River Ehen at a weir on its western shore. The whole of the Ennerdale Valley is fabulous to walk in, even beyond the Lake, and the valley is classified as an Site of Special Scientific Importance.

On the far shore of Ennerdale Water, looking from the Coast to Coast path, Latterbarrow Forest dominates the lower prospect and certainly adds to the atmosphere of the walk. The walk itself, on this coastal section is easily traversed, save for a minor difficult section on Anglers Crag where the path rises steeply, requiring a short scramble. It is only difficult because the path is hard to discern, especially in wet and misty weather, and there is a false path, more easily discernible, that leads to the edge of a hidden precipice where my wife and I almost fell to our deaths when walking the path in 2016. We walked it again in 2018 in good weather and there was no problem in picking out the correct path, perhaps because we were more wary.
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Ennerdale Water - Bowness Knot

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Carol on Robin Hoods Chair, Anglers Crag

Robin Hoods Chair on Anglers Crag
Half way around the lake there is a wooded area where the path becomes a little difficult to walk due to the large loose stones and large rambling tree roots. The beauty of the area, however, makes it difficult to complain.

A little further after the path meets the end of the lake, about 200 yards before the Woundell Beck converges with the River Liza, the path turns left and heads to a footbridge close to the Low Gillerthwaite Field Centre in Latterbarrow Forest. Crossing to Gillerthwaite is an effortless but rewarding task especially as Lingmell looms into view on the right, beckoning above the Ling Mell Plantations.

Woodland at the Water's edge

Ennerdale Water wooded shoreline

Looking back towards Ennerdale Bridge

Ennerdale Water to Ennerdale Bridge

Lingmell and Ling Mell Plantations


River Liza from the footbridge

River Liza
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Wild Beauty of the Coast to Coast Path

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