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Gamlin End - High Crag - Buttermere

Gamlin End, High Crag, Buttermere

Gamlin End is the name given to the south eastern gable end of High Crag, where the descent from the summit of 744 metres is made to Scarth Gap which is the pass between High Crag and Hay Stacks. High Crag is the highest of the mountains making up the ridge top walk above Ennerdale Water, comprising Great Borne, Starling Dodd, Red Pike, High Stile, High Crag and Haystracks.

During our Coast to Coast walk in 2018 Carol and I decided to make a "small" detour along the ridge of Red Pike, High Stile and High Crag, to rejoin the Coast to Coast path near Black Sail. Although it was a clear sunny day, once we neared the ridge top we found ourselves enveloped in dense mist and having not previously walked the ridge top we were sublimely unaware of the steep descent at Gamlin End. Poised near the lip of High Crag, pondering our descent, a small window appeared in the mist allowing a view of the path below as it streaked across Seat on its way to Scarth Gap. It didn't occur to us that there was nothing visible between Seat and ourselves. Of course, this was because the path fell at an exceedingly steep angle on a slope of loose rocks and stones.
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Lip of Gamlin End, looking down on Seat

Seat from High Crag
As we began the descent the mist enclosed us once again, fortunately, as we thought the steep start was just that, a start, and we made very rapid progress, all the time believing the path would begin to level out shortly. After a while, when it didn't, we were committed anyway, and just got on with it. But it was an incredible strain on our knees, especially as we were already very tired.

Reaching Seat we looked back to take a photograph and could scarcely believe what we could now see, the mist having risen to expose Gamlin End.

Gamlin End from Seat

Gamlin End from Seat
We quickly passed over and down Seat and reached the safety of Scarth Gap, a wide, clear path between Buttermere and Ennerdale Forest. On the opposite side of the path to High Crag was Hay Stacks, not part of our route today, but certainly would be next time.

Hay Stacks from Scarth Gap

Hay Stacks from Scarth Gap
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Wild Beauty of the Coast to Coast Path

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