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Grey Knotts, Honister, Coast to Coast walk

Grey Knotts, Honister, Coast to Coast

Grey Knotts lies midway between Brandreth and the Honister Pass, conveniently situated on the Coast to Coast path. It is a welcome site for Coast to Coast walkers, being distinct, dry and easily recognisable in mist. The lower of the two paths from Brandreth to Honister is the one shared by the Coast to Coast walk. The large stone cairns provide the comfort of recognition to many walkers who have been floundering in the miry ground a little lower down, around Dubs Bottom, especially in inclement weather. Although that ground is not technically part of the Coast to Coast walk it is certainly visited by many of its walkers, as the path followed by them between the top of Seavy Knott to Grey Knotts is difficult to see, and even more difficult to follow.

The path does not rise to the top of Grey Knotts but circumnavigates it along the 630 metre contour. The Coast to Coast path merges with it as it begins its descent to the Honister Tramway, along a gentle, wide tongue of Grey Knotts on its northerly side. It meets the tramway at the remains of the old Drum House, a little distance down from the Hopper Quarry Slate mine. The Coast to Coast path then follows the tramway easterly, all the way to the road at Honister Pass. The Drum House was the property that housed the winding apparatus used to convey the slate wagons up and down between the mines and the workshops at Honister Hause.

There is another path to Honister from Grey Knotts that follows the ridge top from Green Gable, passing over the summit of Brandreth and then the large summit plateau of Grey Knotts. That path descends directly to Honister without using the tramway path.

Grey Knotts has a more dramatic aspect when viewed from Seathwaite, which lies to its east. The plateau's eestern slopes are steep and craggy and give rise to the steep depression of Gillercomb that lies between it and Base Brown.
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Grey Knotts

The Coast to Coast path links with the path from Brandreth on the western flank of Grey Knotts.
Grey Knotts

Path from Grey Knotts to the Honister Tramway

Grey Knotts to the Drumhouse

Aerial view of the Grey Knotts plateau

The eastern edge of the Grey Knotts plateau is dominated by the striking craggy cliffs on its west, falling to the Gillercomb valley. Beyond the valley is Base Brown, also with dramatic shadowing of its eastern cliffs. The ridge top path along Grey Knotts is just discernible, together with the another path coming from Green Gable crossing towards Warnscale Bottom and Buttermere.
Aerieal View of the Grey Knotts plateau
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Wild Beauty of the Coast to Coast Path

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