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Honister Tramway - Coast to Coast path

Honister Tramway, Coast to Coast

Nearing the end of our walk for Day 2 on the Coast to Coast path we could occasionally see the huge bowl below us created by the ring of mountains comprising Striddle Crag, Fleetwith Pike, Honister Crag, Black Scar and Bell Crags. We were following the 600 metre contour in the direction of the Honister Tramway. Carol was very excited about our altitude at this time as she wanted to climb as high as possible to burn more calories, one of her objectives on this walk. But we very soon found ourselves losing height and heading directly towards the huge looming masiff of Dale Head. Our first impression was that we would need to climb it to attain the Honister Pass, but during a brief interval where the mist lifted momentarily, we were able to glimpse the dismantled tramway path that comes from the Honister quarries. We then realised the mountains we thought to be between ourselves and the tramway were on the other side of the Honister Pass and must therefore be Dale Head; the dark grey rocks that were obviously nearer were those of Honister Crag and Black Scar. All the same, the scene was panoramic; even though the photograph I took has been lightened it still looks dramatic and awesome.

Bell Crags
Black Scar
Coast to Coast Walk
Dale Head
Fleetwith Pike
Honister Crag
Honister Tramway
Straddle Crag

Honister Crag

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The dimming effect of the mist caused the panorama ahead of us to look further away than it was, and we were quite surprised at how quickly we crossed to the tramway, and how suddenly places that were only minutes ago blurred and fuzzy were now seen clearly and distinctly. The Coast to Coast walk meets the dismantled Honister tramway at its half-way point at Drum House and follows it to the Slate Mine.

The tramway was made up of large flat stones laid onto a levee, and so it was easy to follow and easy to walk upon. We followed it for about 1/2 mile before arriving at the road on the Honister Pass, next to Honister Hause. This was only our second day and it had been a little trying as we had not yet acclimatised to the extensive and isolated walking, so it was quite a relief to find ourselves on the road, where we felt a sudden surge of security. The fact that we had successfully navigated across difficult terrain and had reached the safety and security of a road meant a lot to us, and would give us confidence with the rest of our walk in the days to come. But we were not done for the day yet.

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Wild Beauty of the Coast to Coast Path

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