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The Wild Beauty of the Coast to Coast Path

Johnny Wood - Longthwaite - Coast to Coast

Johnny Wood, Longthwaite, Coast to Coast

Johnny Wood is a beautiful deciduous woodland on the lower southern and eastern slopes of High Doat, overlooking the River Derwent and the small but attractive hamlet of Longthwaite in Borrowdale. The Coast to Coast path passes through it from Seatoller.

Longthwaite is a typical English man's village, with a dense cluster of white houses. Approaching it from Rosthwaite, just a quarter mile away, along the Coast to Coast path, there is a marvellous backdrop comprising High Scawdel and Low Scawdel, together with Castle Crag and High Doat further down.

Between Johnny Wood and Longthwaite, at Peat Howe, is an attractive single span stone bridge, spanning the River Derwent, still in its infancy. The woodland consists of mostly young sessile oak trees, and even in the summer when we walked it there was a lot of leaf litter around, making for fertile soil.
Castle Crag
Coast to Coast
High Doat
Johnny Wood
Low Scawdel
Peat Howe
River Derwent

Johnny Wood

Johnny Wood

Longthwaite Bridge

Longthwaite Bridge
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Wild Beauty of the Coast to Coast Path

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