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Latterbarrow Forest - Ennerdale - Coast to Coast footpath

Latterbarrow Forest, Ennerdale Water

Ennerdale Water is a panoramic, graceful, serene stretch of water below the lower forested slopes of Latterbarrow Forest. From the waters edge, looking from Bowness car park at the beginning of the forest, one can see across to the precipitous Crag Fell as it falls to the lake over Angler's Crag and Robin Hood's Chair. To the right of Crag Fell can be seen the summit of Grike. When Carol and I walked the Coast to Coast path we did not encounter Latterbarrow Forest until we had walked around the southern lakebank and crossed the silted mosses and islands at its eastern headwaters to join the forest near to Low Gillethwaite Field Centre. All along the lakeside there were marvellous views over the lake to the forest and the mountain summits beyond, veiled with scutting mist that came and went, sometimes veiling and sometimes uncovering the grand peaks of Herdus, Great Borne and Starling Dodd.
Angler's Crag
Crag Fell
Ennerdale Water
Great Bourne
Latterbarrow Forest
Low Gillerthwaite
Starling Dodd

Lingmell from Ennerdale Forest

Lingmell from Ennerdale Forest

In the foreground the smaller peaks of Bowness Knot, Latterbarrow and Cat Crag were clearly visible below the mist. The forested undulations held us in wonder each time we looked across the water, more so as we left the waterside just before Woundell Beck, cutting across the mossy ground at the head of the lake, along a path that made to and across a bridge over the River Liza where it joined the Woundell Beck. Crossing the bridge we tramped through some sodden, mossy ground before climbing to the forest path at a lower level to Nine Becks Walk, below Cat Crag, and then walked along the forest path towards Black Sail youth hostel, which lay at the forest end, some 3 miles or so away.

Ennerdale Forest carpeted the hills on the far side of the River Liza, which now formed a boundary between the two escarpments of the Ennerdale Valley.

Latterbarrow Forest in interesting from many perspectives, one such being the Ennerdale Forest Walk, which runs along the waterside edge of the forest and around the far side, so that one can experience the forest from within and see from without, from the opposite shores of the lake. There is also the Coast to Coast walk, which assumes the route we followed on the lakeside opposite to the forest, crossing to it at the lake's headwaters, and then walking along its length as far as the Black Sail YHA, just between Hay Stacks and Brandreth.

In misty, moisty weather, the forest scents are refreshingly fragrant. The path is easy to follow and to walk upon.
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Wild Beauty of the Coast to Coast Path

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