Seavy Knott, Ennerdale, Coast to Coast

What is Seavy Knott?

<center>Plateau atop Seavy Knott</center>
Plateau atop Seavy Knott
Seavy Knott is the steep, curved cliff face falling from the plateau below Blackbeck Tarn to the Loft Beck, which tumbles down the narrow valley between large boulders to the River Liza. The Coast to Coast walk follows the Loft Beck on a path that is mostly shared with its water, as it leaves Black Sail to make for Brandreth.
Tramping uphill alongside the Loft Beck is very different from the trail around Ennerdale Water. The scenery changes from blue water and green forests to grey boulders strewn on each side of the beck as it cascades in its waterfall stage, downwards towards the River Liza which gurgles slowly and timelessly in the Ennerdale valley below.

For most of the climb along (or in) the Loft Beck the path was invisible. After all, it would be difficult to mark a path through loose boulders.

At the top the path becomes fairly visible again as it wanders in and out of bogs below Brandreth and Grey Knotts. When we walked this route in bad weather, despite following a GPS we wanted from the path and into the plentiful bogs around Dubs Bottom.
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Loft Beck and Seavy Knott

Seavy Knott

Looking down Loft Beck from top of Seavy Knott

Looking down Loft Beck