Woundell Vaccary, Ennerdale, Coast to Coast

What is Woundell Vaccary?

<center>Site of Woundell Vaccary</center>
Site of Woundell Vaccary
The land at the head of Ennerdale Water crossed by the Coast to Coast path is a broad, flat grassland that was once a vaccary, i.e. a stock farm for cattle, dating to 1334. It is now part of the Wild Ennerdale Valley project and the cattle now populating the former vaccary are a herd of Galloway cattle owned by the project keepers.
The Woundell Beck merges with the River Liza just east of the head of Ennerdale Water, where the Ennerdale Valley is broad and flat. Its waters merge at the northern foot of Lingmell, below the Ling Mell Plantations. The Coast to Coast path passes over the widest, broad, dry area just to the north west of Woundell Beck immediately before its main watersmeet. There are actually two water meets, as a narrow channel of water leaves the main beck near its confluence with the Liza to create an earlier, partial confluence.

Woundell Beck is the beck created following the merging of Silvercove Beck and Deep Gill. The area of rough ground on each side of Silvercove Beck, including the slopes of Lingmell and Iron Crag are used for the Galloway cattle which roam freely along these wooded and wild grass areas, the idea to allow this stemming from the discovery of the Woundell Vaccary.
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Head of Ennerdale Water

Ennerdale headwater

Lingmell Plantations near Woundell Beck

Lingmell Plantations

Woundell Beck Vaccary

Woundell Beck Vaccary

Latterbarrow Forest from Woundell Vaccary

Latterbarrow from Woundell Vaccary