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Brothers Parting Stone, Grisdedale, Coast to Coast

Brothers Parting Stone, Grisedale, Coast to Coast

The Brother's Parting Stone is a rock etched with an inscription from part of a poem written by William Wordsworth in memory of his last meeting with his brother John in Autumn 1880.

William Wordsworth, one of England's most known poets, his brother John and his sister Dorothy, had walked together from their home, Dove Cottage in Grasmere, to Grisedale Tarn, where they spent some time near to the stepping stones at the lip of the tarn where the path begins its descent to Patterdale. John, who was the captain of a ship, later left to continue the walk alone to Patterdale where he was to travel to Penrith to board his ship. He was killed 4 years later when his ship was wrecked.

The Wordsworth Society, in 1881, agreed to inscribe on a rock near to where they parted for the last time, some of the verses of a poem written by William following his brother's death. The rock selected is close to the path near the stepping stones, facing the downward route to Patterdale. Unfortunately, the inscription is now rather weather-worn and difficult to read.

The wording inscribed is taken from the first half of the third and seventh verses of the poem.

"Here did we stop; and here looked round
While each into himself descends,
For that last thought of parting friends
That is not to be found.

"- Brother and friend, if verse of mine
Have power to make thy virtues known,
Here let a monumental Stone
Stand - sacred as a Shrine."
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Brothers Parting Stone

Brothers Parting Stone

Close up of Wordsworth's etched inscription

Brothers Parting Stone, William Wordsworth

Locale of Brothers Parting Stone

The rock upon which the inscription is etched can be seen marked by a metal sign sticking up from the rock nearest the centre of the photograph. The rock lies just below the stepping stones midway between Grisedale Beck and the path.
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Wild Beauty of the Coast to Coast Path

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