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The Wild Beauty of the Coast to Coast Path

Tongue Gill - Mill Bridge - Coast to Coast

Tongue Gill, Mill Bridge, Coast to Coast

Coast to Coast walkers first become aware of the Tongue Gill as they reach Mill Bridge, where it cascades steeply downhill from Tonguegill Force, just out of sight behind a thicket of trees a little further upstream. A hundred yards downstream it will spill into the River Rothay and from thence into Grasmere.

As Coast to Coast walkers head off from Mill Bridge up the wide path towards Great Tongue they walk alongside the Tongue Gill, although it remains out of site, hidden by the dark green foliage of trees lining its banks, and only becomes visible when attaining the ford at the foot of Great Tongue. From here on it will be visible all the way to its spring on Fairfield, close to Hause Riggs.
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Tongue Gill

Tongue Gill at Mill Bridge

Tongue Gill at Mill Bridge
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Wild Beauty of the Coast to Coast Path

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The Wild Beauty of the Coast to Coast Path

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