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Shap Abbey - Shap - Coast to Coast Walk

Shap Abbey - Shap - Coast to Coast

Shap Abbey will be found just over a mile west of Shap, alongside the River Lowther. It consists of the Premonstratensian remains of an abbey. The tower part of it is remarkably well preserved. The abbey is in the care of English Heritage but managed by the Lake District National Park, who allow access for free. It is situated on the Coast to Coast path and so most Coast to Coast walkers visit it. It can also be accessed via a lane linking to the nearby village of Keld (not Keld in Swaledale), and in the opposite direction to Shap.

The abbey dates back to 1199, but was originally built near Kendal 9 years earlier. Shap Abbey is one of the few monasteries to escape dissolution but due to the passage of time it has now mostly crumbled, save for the tower, which is well preserved. Much of the masonry was removed to erect Shap market hall in the 1600's.

Some aspects of the crumbling remains of the abbey provide a lot of detail of how it was once occupied. The original church was laid out in a cross-shape, the presbytery was separated from the nave by a screen. The high altar and the choir stalls were housed in the presbytery, and the canons gathered there for formal services each day.

Each side of the nave, circles can be seen inscribed on the 15th century floor. These marked the locations where the canons stood at the end of the Sunday procession. The two visible rooflines indicate that after the tower was completed, the roof of the nave was heightened by the addition of a clerestory. The Chapter House was a formal meeting chamber where the canons gathered every day.

Some of the outlying barns have been incorporated into the nearby working farm.
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Tower of Shap Abbey

Shap Abbey

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  • Shap Abbey and Abbey Farm
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