Prison Crag, Hayswater, Coast to Coast

Prison Crag is a steep sided cliff face which forms part of the lower south west slope of Rest Dodd on the opposite side of Hayeswater Gill to Gray Crag. Prison Crag is sandwiched between Prison Gill on the east and Calfgate Gill on the west. They both tumble down the steep cliffs as waterfalls and cascades into Hayeswater Gill which issues from Hayeswater and converges with the Pasture Beck at the foot of Grey Crag, and the converged waters then flow past Hartsop and into Brothers Water. This is the source of the Goldrill Beck which flows past Patterdale and into Ulleswater.

Not much of Prison Crag can be seen from the Coast to Coast walk, as it passes over the top of it between Satura Crag and The Knott and is accordingly hidden from view. Prison Gill, however, can be seen both above the path where it springs from Rest Dodd, about 30 yards away, and below the path as it flows towards Prison Crag.
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Prison Gill

Prison Gill from the Coast to Coast path. The top of Prison Crag is on the left, just where the Gill is about to tumble down the steep cliffs to Hayeswater Gill. In the distance are Grey Crag (left) and Low Wood below Deepdale Park (centre).
Prison Gill

Prison Gill at its source on Rest Dodd

Prison Gill
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