The Knott, Hayswater, Coast to Coast

The Knott, sitting at 739 metres, rises steeply from Hayeswater on the lake's north west bank. The summit opens out along a fine ridge top with the Straits of Riggindale and High Street taking the southerly ridge, while the easterly ridge top leads to Rampsgill Head and Kidsty Pike, on the Coast to Coast route.

The Knott is easily accessed from Patterdale, using the Coast to Coast route, or from the closer village of Hartsop, following the Hayeswater Gill. The summit of the Knott is of a conical appearance and is covered in tufted grass. On its south east flank a steep gulley falls dramatically to Hayeswater, beginning from where the summit meets the Straits of Riggindale.

A boundary fence from Rest Dodd passes through the summit of The Knott, providing for easier identification when walking in mist.
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Coast to Coast path, approaching The Knott

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The Knott

This photograph was taken from the Coast to Coast path as it veers to the east to climb around the side and close to the summit where the path meets the Straits of Riggindale
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Wild Beauty of the Coast to Coast Path

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