Scandal Beck, Smardale, Coast to Coast

Where is Scandal Beck?

Scandal Beck is the name of the stream that runs through Smardale Valley, about 4 miles west of Kirkby Stephen, and located across the Coast to Coast path, which passes over the Scandal Beck at Smardale Bridge near to the old Smardale Viaduct, which is plainly visible from the bridge. The beck originates from the dam built between Bulhouse Hill, Tarnmire Hill and Cook Mire. The outflow from the dam is Tarn Sike, and this becomes Scandal Beck at Crooks, east south east of Ravenstonedale. A number of other becks converge with Scandal Beck on its way to Smardale, notably Lockholme Beck, Keld Sike, and the outflow from the nearby Hag Mire. Scandal beck eventually flows into the River Eden a mile east of Soulby.

Scandal Beck is most certainly a beautiful stretch of water within the Smardale Valley, with deep fertile banks on each side, housing fine examples of ancient pillow mounds. Smardale Gill National Nature Reserve runs along its eastern riverbank, and the beck is crossed, not just by the old Smardale Viaduct but also, nearer to Smardale Hall, the new Smardale Viaduct.

The dismantled railway that runs all the way from Newbiggin-on-Lune to Bowes in County Durham, and upon which the old Smardale Viaduct is located, runs along the western side of Scandal Beck from Smardale Bridge to the viaduct, from where it then runs along its eastern bank until moving away from the beck where it passes beneath the new viaduct. The dismantled railway is now an attractive footpath with many interesting features such as disused limekilns, and many varieties of pretty and rare wild flowers.
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Scandal Beck from Smardale Bridge

Scandal Beck

Smardale Bridge from the Coast to Coast path

Smardale Bridge
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