Bull Crag, Stonethwaite, Coast to Coast

Where is Bull Crag?

<center>Alison Crag and Bull Crag</center>
Alison Crag and Bull Crag
Bull Crag is easiest reached from the Borrowdale hamlet of Stonethwaite, 1 mile from Rosthwaite. Bull Crag and Hanging Haystack straddle the Big Stranger Gill above the Stonethwaite Valley on the Coast to Coast walk. Walking the valley, you would pass below Bull Crag and then Alisongrass Crag to reach the Langstrath Beck at Smithymire Island.
Looming ahead in the near distance is Eagle Crag. Alongside the path is the Stonethwaite Beck, making its way down from Black Gills, just below Greenup Edge and Low White Stones.

At the side of the Stonethwaite Beck, just half a mile from Stonethwaite, and immediately below Alisongrass Crag is a campsite. Alisongrass Hoghouse, known locally as Tilly's Barn after Charles Tilly, a local rock climber, is a holiday barn for walkers and families, situated nearby.
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Bleak How, Alisongrass Crag, Bull Crag, Hanging Haystack (left to right)

Bull Crag

Alison Crag and Bull Crag from campsite

Alison Crag