Cumbria Way, Stonethwaite, Coast to Coast

What is the Cumbria Way?

<center>Cumbria Way, Stonethwaite Valley</center>
Cumbria Way, Stonethwaite Valley
The Cumbria Way is a 70 mile, long distance footpath stretching north to south through Lake District National Park valleys. It starts in Ulverston and finishes in Carlisle, and is usually completed in 5 days, as follows:

  1. Ulverston to Coniston
  2. Coniston to Dungeon Ghyll
  3. Dungeon Ghyll to Keswick
  4. Keswick to Caldbeck
  5. Caldbeck to Carlisle
The Coast to Coast path follows a section of the Cumbria Way along the Stonethwaite Valley, from Rosthwaite to Smithymire Island. This is the confluence of the Langstrath Beck with the Stonethwaite Beck. The Cumbria Way turns off from the Coast to Coast here, to head up the Langstrath Valley.

Guides for the Cumbria Way can be obtained from for £4 each.

In the large photograph below the Cumbria Way is near to the point opposite Smithymire Island, where it will leave the Coast to Coast for the Langstrath Valley. it crosses the Stonethwaite Beck at a small footbridge a little further on.
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Cumbria Way, Stonethwaite

Cumbria Way