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Huddlestones Shop, Stonethwaite, Coast to Coast Walk

Huddleston's Shop, Stonethwaite, Coast to Coast

Huddleston's Shop is a locality of Borrowdale on the opposite side of the Stonethwaite Beck to the hamlet of Stonethwaite. Stonethwaite Bridge connects the village with this area which takes in the wooded slopes of Knotts, White Crag and Lingy End. My interest in this area was piqued as Huddleston is a family name.

Despite the name, though, there is no shop present. The name, which appears on the OS in 1863, means a place where things are sold or where a person works.

There is a post medieval hut in the woodland that may have been the remains of a peat hut. There are also two charcoal burner huts in ruinous condition, again post medieval, and two charcoal burning platforms. To the south east of Huddleston's Shop is a cave shelter made from natural slabs of rock big enough for two men. A small stretch of wall has been added to block the entrance. These would give credence to the term "Shop" as it may be that peat and charcoal were sold from here.

At the end of 2017 a 10 year woodland management plan was approved for the woodlands of Huddleston Shop and the surrounding area. This is to include some felling and restocking to improve the forest structure and diversity. In particular this woodland will be enhanced by providing new glades, rides and clearings which will lead to a more diverse ground flora and the wildlife that lives therein. The woodland area is to be increased by at least 5% and historical and archealogical sites will be protected and accessible.
Huddleston's Shop

Huddleston's Shop is an area of deciduous woodland on the south west slopes of Knotts, above the Cumbria Way as it passes Stonethwaite Bridge. It is a post-medieval charcoal and peat working area where such products may once have been sold.

Huddlestone's Shop
Huddlestone's Shop

Stonethwaite Bridge

The etching on the plaque on the side of the bridge reads that the bridge was erected in memory of Gordon Hallworth, a member of the Manchester University Mountaineering Club, who died from exhaustion at the age of 21 years in January 1939 whilst assisting in a rescue.
Stonethwaite Bridge

Huddleston's Shop area in the trees to the left of the path (Cumbria Way)

Huddlestons Shop
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