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St Bees to Ennerdale, Coast to Coast - Article Index

St Bees to Ennerdale, Coast to Coast

Article Index - St Bees to Ennerdale Bridge

Informational and educational articles for places visited, or near to, the St Bees to Ennerdale Bridge section of the Coast to Coast path are indexed below. Additional articles are added weekly, and existing articles are updated regularly.

St Bees to Ennerdale Bridge route map
A - D
Blakeley Moss Stone Circle
This stone circle is sited at the side of Scarny Brow, just by its junction with the Nannycatch footpath
Cleator Moor Cycle Route
The Coast to Coast path uses a section of the cycle route as it passes around the town of Moor Row.
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Dent Fell
Dent Fell rises to 352m and is the first steep hill encountered on the Coast to Coast path from St Bees
E - I
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Flatfell Screes
Flatfell Screes rise from the Nannycatch Valley, forming the east wall of Flat Fell, on the Coast to Coast
Longlands Lake
This is a council owned lake, by which the River Ehen flows, very close to the Coast to Coast in Cleator
J - M
N - R
Nannycatch Gate
The entrance to the narrow valley at the south east foot of Flat Fell is known as Nannycatch gate
North Head
This is the name given to the northern part of the huge headland of St Bees where it turns east to form Saltom Bay
Raven Crag
Raven Crag forms the north east escarpment of Dent Fell, overlooking Flat Fell and the Kirk Beck valley
River Ehen
The River Ehen begins as the western outflow from Ennerdale Water and makes its way to the Irish Sea
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Rottington Beck
The Rottington Beck begins just outside Rottington and flows south west into the Irish Sea at St Bees
S - T
St Bees Lighthouse
This lighthouse is built on the top of, and midway up, the St Bees headland and was rebuilt in 1865 after a fire
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St Bees Man
The St Bees Man is the well preserved 14th century corpse of Anthony De Lucy discovered in St Bees Priory in 1981
Thorney Beck
The Thorney Beck provides a wildlife corridor as flows both east and west from its woodland source on Hannah Moor
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