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The Wild Beauty of the Coast to Coast Path

Dent Fell, Cleator Moor, Coast to Coast path

Dent Fell, Cleator Moor, Coast to Coast

Just on the border of the Lake District National Park is Dent Fell. Soon after leaving St Bees head, while walking the Coast to Coast path, you will come into the small village of Lanehead. As you leave this village you will be walking persistently towards Dent Fell, which can at first be seen only as a little bump on the horizon. It is the Coast to Coast's gateway to the Lake District National Park, and although only modest in height (in comparison to what comes later!) it certainly looks daunting from afar, particularly on a wet day. On approaching the base of the fell one crosses Blackhow Bridge over the River Ehan, which is crossed again, twice more, on the next section of the Coast to Coast walk, but further upstream.

Dent Fell is 352 metres high. it is a swift climb, first through conifers and then along short cropped turf to its summit. the fragrance of the conifers, on an inclement day, is worthy of note, as it is quite distinctive and refreshing. At the summit It is well worth the time to look out in all directions at the wonderful views to the coast. As the Fell is the largest hill in the area the views in all directions are uninterrupted. On a clear day the Isle of Man is clearly visible. Dent Fell's sister fell, Flat Fell rises above Nannycatch Valley. It is not quite as high, at 272 metres, but is worthy of a climb and quite unusual in its topography, in so far as it has a huge flattish plateau and very steep cliffs falling into the Nannycatch Valley and the pass between itself and Raven Crag.

There are 2 summits on Dent Fell, about 100 metres from each other, the further one slightly higher. They are each marked with cairns made up of a loose heap of stones, the bigger cairn marking the further and higher summit.
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Dent Fell

Dent Fell summit cairn

Following the Coast to Coast path over Dent Fell, one next encounters, on a ridge below the summit, Ulldale Forest with its tall, standing conifers hiding a deliriously menacing climb to its foot. This is not to worry about unduly, as the path winds to its left and takes a less insidious path down, skirting the edge of the forest. This is also not to say that I kept to the path, and the route I took was quite an adventure, related in my book, "The Wild Beauty of the Coast to Coast Footpath", published in iBooks.

The first photograph below shows the brow of Dent Fell, about to fall towards Uldale Forest, and the second shows the larger of the two summit cairns.
Dent Fell Brow
This photo is the brow of Dent Fell, just hovering over Uldale Forest
Dent Fell
Larger of the Twin Summit Cairns
This photo shows the larger of the two summit cairns
Dent Fell summit
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Wild Beauty of the Coast to Coast Path

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The Wild Beauty of the Coast to Coast Path

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