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River Ehen - Blackhow Bridge - Coast to Coast path

River Ehen, Blackhow Bridge, Coast to Coast

The River Ehen is born at the weir on the western head of Ennerdale Water, the lake's outflow, in the shadow of Crag Fell and Grike. It is designated as a Special Area of Conservation (SAC), due to the the river supporting the largest freshwater pearl muscle population in England. The Coast to Coast path passes over the River Ehen at Blackhow Bridge and again opposite the Bleach Green Cottages near to Ennerdale Water from where it starts.

After only a short journey it passes through Ennerdale Bridge where it is joined by the combined Rowland Beck and Oxenstone Beck, the Croasdale beck and a number of small gills. Near Nannycatch Road, coming from Flat Fell, it is joined by the Roughton Beck which springs from Dent Fell and then finds its way into Cleator, flowing beneath the Blackhow Bridge to flow beside the Longlands Lake Nature Reserve.

By the time the Ehen reaches Egremont it has grown much wider and deeper, and continues to be joined by many becks draining from the hills each side. It soon reaches the lowlands around Middle Ehenside, where meanders in the river's course become more and more common, as all the while it snakes towards the Cumbrian coast to attain it at Bogholes where it follows the line of the Cumbria Coastal Way until at Sellafield it is joined by the River Calder and flows through the sand into the Irish Sea.

Another reason for the river's SAC designation is the presence of Atlantic Salmon in its waters.
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River Ehen from Longlands Lake

River Ehen from Blackhow Bridge

River Ehen from Blackhow Bridge

Birth of the River Ehen at Ennerdale Water

River Ehen birth at Ennerdale
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Wild Beauty of the Coast to Coast Path

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