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North York Moors - Coast to Coast - Article Index

North York Moors - Coast to Coast

Article Index

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Swainby to Clay Bank
Clain Wood
Clain Wood is a coniferous plantation at the foot of Whorlton Moor, sitting above the village of Swainby
Live Moor Hillfort
This hillfort was only recently discovered, using air photography, and is buried under dense heath growth.
Lord Stones
Lord Stones are a row of Bronze Age boundary stones that mark the position where 3 boundaries meet
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Scugdale begins at Scugdale Head and crosses the Coast to Coast path in Swine Park at a ford
Wain Stones
The Wain Stones are part of a weathered sandstone outcrop, used by amateur climbers to practice
Whorl Hill
Whorl Hill is dominant on the horizon as soon as one enters the North York Moors after leaving Arncliffe Wood
Clay Bank to Lion Inn
Blakey Howe
This is a boundary stone standing at the top of Cockpit Hill looking down on the Lion Inn on Blakey Ridge
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Bloworth Crossing
This is the junction of a very old dismantled railway and now converted to wide stoney footpaths
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Carr Ridge
Carr Ridge is accessed from the Clay Bank road and is used by the Cleveland Way and Coast to Coast paths
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Farndale Valley
The Farndale Valley is sighted as one walks along the Coast to Coast at Farndale Head on Farndale Moor
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Jenny Bradley Cross
This is an ancient boundary cross that lies at the side of the Cleveland Way a 1/4 mile from the Coast to Coast
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Round Hill
Round Hill is found at the top of Urra Moor, at 450m, just west of Bloworth Crossing on the Coast to Coast
Lion Inn to Grosmont
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Beggars Bridge
This is an ancient single span stone bridge spanning the River Esk on the outskirts of Glaisdale
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Flat Howe
Flat Howe is a Bronze Age burial cairn. Between it and the moor road is a large ancient boundary stone
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Rosedale Head
Rosedale Head is found soon after leaving the Lion Inn, on Danby High Moor. It is the source of the River Seven
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Trough House
This is a building used by shooting parties on Glaisdale Moor, beside which the Coast to Coast passes
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White Cross
White Cross is also known as Fat Betty. It is a wheel head cross dating back to the 10th or 11th century
Cinder Track
The Cinder Track is a disused railway now used as a track between Robin Hoods Bay and Whitby
High Bridestones
The High Bridestones are a stone circle on Sleights Moor, laying just within sight of the Coast to Coast path
Low Bridestones
The Low Bridestones stone circle is near the Coast to Coast on Sleights moor, 1/2 mile from the High Bridestones
Grosmont to Robin Hood's Bay
Falling Foss
Falling Foss is a waterfall in the Sneaton woodland, adjoining Midge Hall on the Coast to Coast path
Limekiln Slack
This is a narrow valley at the top of the coastal cliffs. There is an old limekiln or similar structure built onto the valley floor
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Flat Howes, Sleights Moor
There are 2 Flat Howes, within 100 yards of each other, on Sleights Moor, both ancient burial cairns
Littlebeck Alum Works
The remains of this structure can hardly be missed in Littlebeck Wood, where a huge conical slag heap identifies it
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Wild Beauty of the Coast to Coast Path

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