Round Hill, Urra Moor, Coast to Coast

Round Hill is the highest part of the North Yorkshire Moors, and sits atop Urra Moor overlooking, to the north, the Greenhow Plantation and Botton Head. It is 454 meters high. Following the Coast to Coast path up to Round Hill from Clay Bank, one is encompassed by bright green ferns on each side, with the dark greens and browns of Urra Moor in the background.

Higher up, the ferns give way to heather, much of which has been cleared, and one can easily glimpse the grouse and their chicks wandering around, often strolling nonchalantly across the path. Even more easy to spot are the numbered grouse butts running in lines at frequent intervals.

On the path and near to the summit of Round Hill, is a cairn and just beyond this a wide path joins from the right. Following this would lead to the long, ancient earthwork at the foot of the moor above Seave Green.

Just here a prominent information plaque provides details of all the hazards that await walkers should they stray from the path (apart from the "getting shot" hazard). Amongst these are ticks that can cause limes disease and other illnesses, poisonous snakes (adders), and blanket bog.

At the top of Round Hill, about 60 yards from the path, is an ancient burial mound, Botton Howe and upon which is a trig cairn. There is a lot of evidence around these parts of Urra Moor's prehistoric background, barrows and standing stones with cup and ring markings. Two of the best known stones, sited beside the Coast to Coast path, are the Face Stone and the Hand Stone, ancient Boundary Stones, in which, respectively, the shape of a face and of a hand have been carved.

From Round Hill the Coast to Coast path continues to follow the Cleveland Way to Bloworth Crossing.
Botton Howe
Clay Bank
Coast to Coast
Cup and Ring Markings
Boundary Stone
Face Stone
Greenhow Botton
Round Hill
Seave Green
Urra Moor

Round Hill Trig Cairn atop Botton Howe

Round Hill summit cairn

Face Stone on Round Hill

Face Stone, Urra Moor
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