Grosmont to Robin Hood's Bay

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Informational and educational articles for places visited, or near to, the Grosmont to Robin Hood's Bay section of the Coast to Coast path are indexed below. Additional articles are added weekly, and existing articles are updated regularly.

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Grosmont-Robin Hoods Bay map
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Cinder Track
The Cinder Track is a disused railway now used as a track between Robin Hoods Bay and Whitby
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Falling Foss
Falling Foss is a waterfall in the Sneaton woodland, adjoining Midge Hall on the Coast to Coast path
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Flat Howes, Sleights Moor
There are 2 Flat Howes, within 100 yards of each other, on Sleights Moor, both ancient burial cairns
High Bridestones
The High Bridestones are a stone circle on Sleights Moor, laying just within sight of the Coast to Coast path
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Limekiln Slack
This is a narrow valley at the top of the coastal cliffs. There is an old limekiln or similar structure built onto the valley floor
Littlebeck Alum Works
The remains of this structure can hardly be missed in Littlebeck Wood, where a huge conical slag heap identifies it
Low Bridestones
The Low Bridestones stone circle is near the Coast to Coast on Sleights moor, 1/2 mile from the High Bridestones
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