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Flat Howe Round Barrows - Sleights Moor - Coast to Coast

Flat Howe Round Barrows, Sleights Moor, Grosmont

There are a number of Bronze Age burial cairns on Sleights Moor. In the area known as Black Brow, which marks its summit, there are two burial cairns which are both named Flat Howe, or Flat Howe north and Flat Howe south.

Flat Howe north has a partially kerbed border of stones and a trig point set to its side. From the burial mounds there are outstanding views over the surrounding countryside, in particular to the north east where the North Sea close to Whitby is clearly visible.

These barrows are at the northerly end of a chain of suspected territorial barrows that stretch across the top of the moorland ridge for 8 miles or so. The line passes next through Pen Howe which is close to the A169 roadside, then to Breckon Howe (again near the road side) (see photo below), where it turns to the east to Flass Brow and then resumes its southern course to Robbed Howe, where it turns south east to the Foster Howes, south again to Ann's Cross on Anne's Howe, Louven Howe, Lilla Cross on Lilla Howe where it turns south west to Lilla Rigg and finally to High Woof Howe and Low Woof Howe.

There are many more burial cairns on the moor but they do not seem to form part of this chain.
Breckon Howe
Bronze Age Burial Cairns
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Flat Howe north
Flat Howe south
Sleights Moor

Flat Howe south

Flat Howe south

Flat Howe north, from Flat Howe south

Flat Howe north

Trig Cairn at Flat Howe north

Flat Howe north trig point

Breckon Howe

Breckon Howe
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