Littlebeck Alum Works, Littlebeck, Coast to Coast

Littlebeck Wood has many surprises for Coast to Coast visitors. As you walk through the woodland on the Coast to Coast path you will arrive at a yawning cavernous mouth, the entrance to a disused alum mine. A flight of wooden steps to the side elevates you to the top of the mine where there is a large, dome shaped spoil heap with another cavern beneath. To say it looks unusual would not surprise most people. Completely unexpected and looking most unlike any other spoil heaps I have ever seen, it does prompt one's curiosity.

The cave itself is man-made. Alum was mined here between 1660 and 1809. There are many other nearby alum caves, but they are mostly hidden by woodland growth and pools.
Alum Works
Coast to Coast Walk
Littlebeck Wood

Littlebeck Alum Works - Cavern and Steps to Spoil Heap

Littlebeck Alum Works

Spoil Heap left by the Littlebeck Alum Works

Littlebeck Alum Works - Spoilheap
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