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Flat Howe, Blakey Ridge, Coast to Coast

Flat Howe, Blakey Ridge, Coast to Coast

On Farndale Moor, near to the Blakey Road is Flat Howe, or South Flat Howe, as it is also known. This is a Bronze Age round barrow. Between the barrow and the road is a large standing stone, the Flat Howe Boundary Stone, pictured below. This stands at the road side opposite to where the Coast to Coast path leaves the Blakey Road to cross Rosedale Head.

On the side of the stone facing away from the road the initials T. D. are inscribed, as with the nearby Blakey Howe monument stone, standing for Thomas Duncombe, the former estate owner from the 1700’s. This is a boundary stone, and dates back to the Bronze Age.

The stone was regarded as an important marker when the Beaker Folk from mid and eastern Europe settled in the area about 4,500 years ago. They derived their name from their unique bell-shaped pottery, mostly used as drinking vessels and having an elegant flared lip. They also introduced the custom of burying their dead in raised earthern buriiel mounds or howes.

The burial mound has evidence around its base of a surrounding silted up ditch.

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Flat Howe Boundary Stone

Flat Howe
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