White Cross, Danby Moor, Coast to Coast

White Cross, or Fat Betty as it is also known, is a conspicuous wheelhead cross erected as a boundary stone on Danby High Moor, on the route of the Coast to Coast path. it is a scheduled monument and dates back to the 10th or 11th century. The Cross also marks the original meeting point of the parishes of Danby, Westerdale and Rosedale

In recent times it seems that visitors have taken to making offerings to the stone, as evidenced in the photograph below. Fruit has been found on the cross many times during the last few years.

A distant view of White Betty gives the impression of a face at the top, but this in fact is due to a number of indentations on the wheelhead, seen as such on a closer examination. The Cross has a number of other markings and a date but none of which would appear to coincide with its erection.

White Cross has been repeatedly whitewashed by the owners of the property upon which it stands, i.e. the Downe Estate, one of the factors making this Cross stand out so much.
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Fat Betty
White Cross

White Cross with "fruit offering"

White Cross - Fat Betty

White Cross (Fat Betty)

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