Lord Stones Boundary Stones, Carlton Bank

The Lords Stones are prehistoric and define the perimeter of a Bronze Age burial mound. One of the stones is more significant than the others. This is known as the Three Lords Stone. This stone was named after the three Lords:- Lord Duncombe of Helmsley, Lord Marlwood of Busby Hall and Lord Aislesby of Scugdale. Their estate boundaries join at the stone.

Our first encounter with the Stones resulted in a tremendous surprise, following our descent from Carlton Bank on the Coast to Coast path to Raisdale Road. We had the clear objective of rising up the next stretch of moorland on our route, Cringle Moor. After crossing the road, however, we found ourselves heading into a forested area on a paved track with wooden buildings around us, some of which were utterly unique in design and quite unexpected. Of course, we new nothing of Lord Stones Country Park, which we had just entered. The first wooden building we encountered was the cafe and then some strange buildings which were actually self catering accommodations.

Surprised as we were, and blissfully ignorant of the area, our curiosity was piqued as we left the park to wend our way to Cringle Moor. Rising out of the moorland grasses to our left we saw a standing stone, and were about to ignore it thinking it to be something to entertain children at the park. Being naturally curious, however, we went to have a more thorough look and could see that they were genuinely ancient in origin, not a single stone as we thought but a whole row of them, or rather, two rows of them, making a V shape.
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Lord's Stones Boundary Stones

Lord Stones Boundary Stones
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