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The Wild Beauty of the Coast to Coast Path

Scugdale, Swainby, Coast to Coast

Scugdale, Swainby, Coast to Coast

Scugdale, where it is crossed by the Coast to Coast path and the Cleveland Way, is a shallow, fertile and attractive dale, through which runs the Sugdale Beck. Scugdale Beck springs from Scugdale Head about 3 miles to the east of the Coast crossing, near the Osmotherley Stones on Black Moor.

Coast to Coast walkers sharing the Cleveland Way leave Clain Wood, south of Swainby, and head north east across a lush fertile meadow to meet a ford and weir in Swine Park, a long narrow area of woodland that lines the Scugdale Beck from Snotterdale to its east until reaching Swainby to the north west.

Scugdale Beck is a shallow stretch of water at this stage of its life, but it runs through an attractive wildlife habitat.
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Scugdale Beck
Swine Park

Leaving Clain Wood for the Meadow path to Scugdale

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Meadow to the tree-lined Scugdale Beck

Round Hill and Live Moor fill the background
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Bridge and Ford at Scugdale Beck

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Wild Beauty of the Coast to Coast Path

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