Arncliffe Wood, Ingley, Coast to Coast

Arncliffe Wood

Arncliffe Wood is divided into several smaller sections of woodland, namely South Wood, Mount Grace Wood and Scarth Wood. The woodlands are easily accessed along a road from Ingleby Cross, passing Arncliffe Hall. The Coast to Coast path follows this route, swinging right as the woodland is entered and making uphill on a broad track through South Wood, to its very end, until meeting the Cleveland Way, which enters the wood at its southern boundary, veering, once in the wood, uphill and slightly to the east of the path just followed, climbing to the ridgetocp and the eastern edge of the wood.

On the ridge top the views across the Vale of Mowbray are spectacular. Notably, if your keen eyes can discern it, you should be able to see many of the farms passed through by Coast to Coast walkers on the way to these woods, e.g. Longlands, Grinkle Carr, and Sydal Lodge. You might even be able to discern the narrow winding valley of the River Wiske, and the railway further back.

Also upon the ridge top is a WT & TV Station. Shortly after passing the TV Station the Coast to Coast path leaves Arncliffe Wood at a stile and follows the Cleveland Way onto Scarth Wood Moor, beginning its journey over the North Yorkshire Moors.

There are other paths in the woodland, but caution should be exercised if using them, as some of the paths are impossible to follow, climbing very steeply uphill on badly overgrown paths, often necessitating a diversion from the path to avoid bogs and difficult crags.
Arncliffe Wood, Ingleby Arncliffe

Arncliffe Wood sits on the lower west decline of the North York Moors, just above the village of Ingleby Arncillfe. The wood is so steep that the Coast to Coast path, to attain the moors at its top, winds back and forth several times about half the length of it. The Cleveland Way also enters the wood, near its southerly ridgetop, and once the Coast to Coast meets it, they share their route for several miles.

Arncliffe Wood
Arncliffe Wood

Entrance to Arncliffe Wood

Entering Arncliffe Wood

Merging with the Cleveland Way in Arncliffe Wood

Arncliffe Wood and Cleveland Way

Vale of Mowbray from the top of Arncliffe Wood

View over Vale of Mowbray
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