Lazenby Medieval Village, Danby Wiske

Lazenby Medieval Village, a scheduled ancient monument, is clearly visible from Danby Lane, the main road out of Danby Wiske. It surrounds the listed Lazenby Hall, and mostly comprises the land between the Hall and the lane. The remains of the medieval village consist of rectangular house platforms, enclosures around a network of hollow ways and sunken roads, paddocks, a dovecot or windmill base, fish ponds and village boundary banks. The village is believed to have been inhabited until the 14th century.

Medieval villages where sited in the middle of a parish or town so as to share resources such as farming land, meadows and woods. Village remains largely consist of roads and tracks, house and barn platforms, paddocks and crofts. Their importance lies in comprehending rural life immediately following the Norman Conquest.

To find the precise location of the medieval village, leave Danby Wiske on Danby Lane. Almost immediately you will cross the River Wiske on the road bridge. Not many yards after there is a drive on the right leading to Lazenby Hall. There is a clear view of the fields between from the road but to see any detail you would need to walk up the drive. A boundary bank marks the end of the village on the north and less prominently to the west.

The village is referred to in the Domesday survey in 1086, and it once had 13 households. The current thinking is that the village was abandoned in the 1300's and relocated on the opposite side of the River Wiske so as to be more central to the church.
Lazenby Medieval Village, Danby Wiske

Little of Lazenby Medieval Village is now visible. All that can still be seen are the house bases, windmill base and some enclosures. This village dates to the 1300's.

Lazenby Hall
Lazenby Hall

Lazenby Hall from Danby Lane

The remains of the village are located between Lazenby Hall (centre, right) and fence boundary beyond the ploughed field.
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