River Wiske, Danby Wiske, Coast to Coast

On a pleasant sunny day the course of the River Wiske, running slowly and silently through picturesque villages and farmland within the Vale of Mowbray, gently meanders its shallow, sinuous waters, ever wending its way towards its confluence with the River Swale near Kirby Wiske.

The river begins at the foot of the North Yorkshire Moors near Ingleby Arncliffe, where the Stoney Lane Beck meets Carr Beck, converging, to receive river status and to be re-named as the River Wiske. Many of the villages through which the river flows are named after the river, e.g. Danby Wiske, Kirby Wiske and Newby Wiske.

Meaning of Wiske

Wiske derives from the latin name wisca, which means water meadow. This term aptly describes the river, almost the entirety of which flows through low-lying meadows, and which often overflows, spilling into and flooding them.

Riverbank Wildlife

In Danby Wiske the river is quite overgrown with a variety of greens and wayside flowers, but emits a pleasant and sedate feeling when watching wildlife activity from the road bridge over it, just outside of the village.

Amongst the wildlife inhabiting the banks of the River Wiske are the less commonly seen water voles and otters, pipistrelle and long eared bats, kingfishers, reed buntings and lapwings.
River Wiske, Danby Wiske

Although only modest in depth during normal weather, the River Wiske runs a considerable distance through a flat area serving the important need of rain water drainage. In addition it serves an important function as a corridor for wildlife in a dense farming area.

River Wiske
River Wiske

River Wiske at Danby Wiske

This photograph was taken from the road bridge out of Danby Wiske. The bridge is a Listed structure and was designed by the well-known Yorkshire architect, John Carr. It dates to the 18th century and is made from coursed ashlar stone. It has a single segmental arch with wedge shaped stones and has two flat buttresses.
River Wiske at Danby Wiske

Wiske Bridge built in 18th Century by John Carr

Wiske Bridge - John Carr
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