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Informational and educational articles for places visited, or near to, the Richmond to Danby Wiske section of the Coast to Coast path are indexed below. Additional articles are added weekly, and existing articles are updated regularly.

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Richmond-Danby Wiske Map
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Bolton Beck
Bolton Beck is an attractive slow moving beck flowing around the east of Bolton-on-Swale. The Coast to Coast is alongside it.
Bolton Nature Reserve
Bolton Lake Nature Reserve is a reedy lake within 50 yards of the Coast to Coast path at Bolton-on-Swale
Bolton-on-Swale is a small village on the Coast to Coast path on the opposite bank of the Swale to Catterick
Catterick Garrison
Catterick Garrison is on the other side of Ellerton Lake to the Coast to Coast path. The town hosts a large military camp.
Colburn village lies immediately east of Catterick Garrison, beside the Coast to Coast path and the River Swale
Danby Wiske
Danby Wiske is a small village on the Coast to Coast path midway between Richmond and Ingleby
Danby Rectory Moat
Within the ground of Danby rectory is a large medieval moated area, just south of the village.
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Easby Abbey
Easby Abbey lies on the north bank of the River Swale as it leaves Richmond. It dates to 1152
Ellerton Lake
Ellerton Lake, in Ellerton-on-Swale, is just off the Coast to Coast, and adjoins the Bolton Nature Reserve
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