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Bolton Beck - Bolton-on-Swale - Coast to Coast

Bolton Beck, Bolton-on-Swale, Coast to Coast

The Bolton Beck is a small but picturesque tributary to the River Swale. The beck originates near Feather Hill Farm, to the east of Scorton and merges with the Scorton Beck midway between Scorton and Bolton-on-Swale, flowing through the eastern perimeter of Bolton, and past Ellerton and Kiplin, where it becomes the Kiplin Beck, and shortly after drains into the River Swale just south of Kiplin Farm.

The Coast to Coast path follows the Bolton Beck from the outskirts of Bolton-on-Swale to Ellerton. Although it is not a huge expanse of water, it is, nevertheless, refreshing to follow. On sunny summer days swallows skim over its surface catching flies, and in places its waters bulge outwards providing an interesting variation to the river's usual long band shape. In this stretch of the beck there is a lot of aquatic herbage, and when the sun shines down on it the little river assumes a more majestic appearance.
Bolton Beck
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Bolton Beck

Bolton Beck
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Wild Beauty of the Coast to Coast Path

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