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Bolton-on-Swale - Coast to Coast

Bolton-on-Swale, Coast to Coast

Bolton-on-Swale is a lovely village in a nice area, not far from Catterick. The Coast to Coast path enters the village from Flat Lane. An attractive welcome greets visitors in the form of an interesting wooden structure housing an ancient, redundant water pump, picture below right. Prominent from everywhere in the village is St Mary’s Church. The Coast to Coast path passes beside the church as it leaves the small village, to follow a footpath beside the Bolton Beck as it heads towards Ellerton.

St Mary's Church

Coast to Coast
Elizabeth Jocelyn
St Marys Church

St Marys Church, Bolton-on-Swale

In the village centre is St Marys Church, which is a Grade 11 listed building, of Gothic design. The belfry used to have 3 bells but another 3 were donated by Mrs Elizabeth Jocelyn, making a total of 6, and at the same time the original bells were re-cast. This is a significant number of bells for such a small village. Mrs Jocelyn was a housekeeper for 27 years in Kiplin, a neighbouring township of Catterick. The church was built by the abbot and convent of St Mary's, York around 1257 A.D.

St Marys Church at end of village road
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Water Pump
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Wikipedia states that Bolton-on-Swale, a township of the Catterick Parish is mentioned in the Domesday Book as Boletone and belonged to Count Alan of Brittany as Tenant-in-Chief. The manor had been granted by Count Alan to Thor at the time of the Norman invasion, but afterwards it was granted to Enisant Musard. The manor was passed to Roald the Constable thereafter until it came into the possession of the Scrope family in Masham, North Yorkshire. They held the titles until around 1630. The descent is somewhat confused after this, but the title was seen to be in use in the 18th century by the Burton and Garthwaite families. In 1820 the title was in use by the Earl of Tyrconnell. The etymology of the name derives from the Old English bōðl-tūn, meaning an enclosure with buildings.

Bolton Beck

Bolton-on-Swale is very close to the River Swale, and Bolton Beck runs through the village. The photograph below shows the old stone arch bridge that crosses the Beck at Laylands Farm, about a mile outside of the village.

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