Colburn, Richmond, Coast to Coast

The Coast to Coast path passes from west to east through the hamlet of Colburn, entering by a barely noticeable footbridge over the Colburn Beck, flowing from the south. The beck changes its course at Colburn, from south-north to west-east, crossing the road at a shallow and pleasant ford and flowing under the same road further along. Carol delighted in the ford, carefully washing her muddy feet and savouring the refreshing sparkle of water.

One of the most enormous weeping willow trees greeted us just beyond the ford, marking the gateway to Colburn Hall, a grade II listed manor house dating from 1621. To the east of the hall is a courthouse, also a grade 11 listed building.

Colburn Beck

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Colburn Beck

Resistance is Futile?

Carol and dog

Carol at Colburn Ford

Colburn ford

Weeping Willow in Colburn

Weeping Willow
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Wild Beauty of the Coast to Coast Path

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