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Danby Rectory Moated Site, Coast to Coast

Danby Rectory Moat, Danby Wiske, Coast to Coast

Danby Wiske Rectory Moated Site

Danby Wiske has many ancient buildings on its periphery, one such being the Danby Wiske Moated Site, which lies immediately south of Danby Wiske Church, on the south side of the village. The Moat is listed as a Scheduled medieval Monument by Historic England. As with most moated sites it consists mostly of wide ditches, enclosing an island on which domestic or religious buildings were erected. Most moated sites date from 1250 to 1350.

The moated site consists of an irregular ellipse enclosing an area of about 2 hectares. Another, small rectangular moated site is found to the north east, less than a half hectare. There is an earthwork enclosure at the north of the outer moat. On the east the moat now exists as a shallow ditch. At the west there is a double earthwork including a prominent outer bank with an internal moat.

The River Wiske runs to the east of the moated site, and in the north east corner there is the remains of a connecting channel to the river. The remains of buildings survive beneath the ground on this site. There are non-scheduled buildings on the site, including the Glebe House and garage.

The moated site is close to the Coast to Coast path as it passes through Danby Wiske.
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Danby Wiske
Danby Wiske Church
Danby Wiske Rectory Moat
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Danby Church

Danby Church

Aerial view of the Moated Site

The outline of the moated site can be seen in the aerial image below, the north side being the second hedge down from the church. The west side of the moat follows the hedgerow beside the road and extends past the rectory house entrance down the the ditch running east, and curving back to join the north boundary.
Danby Wiske Rectory Moated Site
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