Ellerton Lake, Ellerton-on-Swale, Coast to Coast

The village of Ellerton-on-Swale is a small, timeless and attractive village, located in idyllic countryside close to the Coast to Coast path. Within the village is an attractive farm shop and country cafe, and from it a nice walk along a quiet lane into Ellerton Park which is, in the summer months, a hive of activity. The park allows for camping and caravanning and provides for fishing and boating.

From Ellerton village there is a beautiful lakeside path leading to the back of the lake away from the bustle of the Park. The path leads all the way around the lake to the park itself. During the summer the edges of the lake, which are well reeded, are alive with dragon flies and damsel flies. Only a hundred yards or so in the opposite direction, but hidden from view, is the River Swale. Walking around the lake will take one over a bridge crossing a narrow channel of water that connects Ellerton Lake with Bolton Lake.

Ellerton Lake is but a small diversion from the Coast to Coast path, and well worth a visit, particularly as Bolton Lake can be visited at the same time.

The village is well known as the home of Henry Jenkins, who is said to have lived 169 years and who died in 1670 and was buried in the neighbouring village of Bolton-on-Swale. He was the butler to Lord Coniers of Hornby Castle. An obelisk was erected in St Mary's churchyard and a plaque of black marble was placed inside the church.
Ellerton Lake

Ellerton Lake is located within Ellerton Park, just a short distance from Ellerton-on-Swale village. The lake is connected to Bolton Lake via a river channel. Bolton Lake is a nature reserve whilst Ellerton Lake is used for recreational purposes. They are both disused gravel quarries.

Ellerton Lake
Ellerton Lake

Ellerton Lake

Ellerton Lake

Connecting Channel between Ellerton Park Lake and Bolton-on-Swale Lake

Channel connecting Ellerton Lake to Bolton Lake
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