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Informational and educational articles for places visited, or near to, the Keld to Reeth section of the Coast to Coast path are indexed below. Additional articles are added weekly, and existing articles are updated regularly.

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Keld-Reeth Map
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Buzzard Scar
Buzzard Scar is a limestone escarpment overlooking the River Swale and the Swinner Gill between Keld and Reeth
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Crackpot Hall
Crackpot Hall dates to the 16th century and a mystery involving a feral child was recently resolved by the BBC
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East Gill Force
East Gill Force is a small waterfall close to the bridge across the River Swale as the Coast to Coast path leaves Keld
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Gunnerside Bottoms
The lower route of the Coast to Coast, after it passes Muker along the Swale, encounters Gunnerside Bottoms
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Ivelet Bridge
Ivelet Bridge is a narrow, single span arched stone bridge dating to the 16th century, crossing the River Swale
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Old Gang Mines
The Old Gang Lead Mines straddle the high moor top of Lownathwaite, but are now disused
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Ramps Holme Bridge
This narrow, unique bridge connects a path from Muker to the low level Coast to Coast walk around Swaledale
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River Swale
The Swale is the most popular of the Yorkshire Dales rivers and is edged for much of its way by the Coast to Coast path
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Surrender Bridge
Surrender Bridge is known for its prominence in the opening scenes of the BBC tv series "All Creatures Great and Small"
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