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Buzzard Scar - Muker - Coast to Coast

Buzzard Scar, Swaledale, Coast to Coast

One of the precarious sections of the Coast to Coast footpath that we walked along is Buzzard Scar. It hangs prominently above the River Swale where it is joined by the Swinner Gill, and so part of the Scar looks over the Swale Valley and part looks over and follows the Swinner Gill Valley, with Arn Gill Scar opposite.

The view from Buzzard's Scar, whichever way you are facing, is certainly memorable and unlike scenes from anywhere else on the Coast to Coast footpath. The scars on both sides of the Swinner Gill are equally precipitous and the path quite narrow in many places. One needs a head for heights to traverse this section.

Swaledale - from Buzzard Scar

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Swaledale from Buzzard Scar
Our attention was entirely riveted on the awesome panorama of Arngill Scar opposite to us, as we carefully trod the path. Its steeply falling cliffs, caves and scree were what we imagined to be found only in distant habitations rarely visited. We were amazed to be able to see such a vista while walking the Coast to Coast, which we had thought, before embarking on our adventure to be far more benign in its glory.

The path did present some difficulty in places and it took us about an hour to reach the end of the Swinner Gill Valley, where we descended to the Gill over a footbridge that led to a rocky path alongside (and sometimes within) East Grain, as it fell in cascades from the hills above.

Arngill Scar

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Buzzard Scar - Coast to Coast
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Arngil Scar - Coast to Coast
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East Grain - Coast to Coast
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Wild Beauty of the Coast to Coast Path

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The Wild Beauty of the Coast to Coast Path

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