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River Swale, Swaledale, Coast to Coast

River Swale - Swaledale - Coast to Coast

River Swale and Swaledale

The River Swale, the favourite of all Yorkshire Dale walkers, has humble beginings with a birth on the watery mires of Birkdale Common. From here it flows through some of the most marvellous rustic scenery in the Yorkshire Dales, along its valley, aptly named Swaledale.

On the northern side of Birk Dale the oozing mud, mires and gullies that have soaked up the rain that falls with perpetual consistency, are drained by the Mould Gill, the Crooked Sike and the Coldbergh Gill into Birkdale Beck. On the opposite side of Birk Dale the Ulldale Beck likewise drains into the Birkdale Beck. Where the Great Sleddale Beck joins the Birkdale Beck at Jenny Hill, a new river is created, the River Swale, and the long valley along which it runs is known as Swaledale.

For most of its length the River Swale is followed closely by the Coast to Coast walk, moving slowly away from it, beyond Richmond, at Ellerton-on-Swale. It eventually drains into the River Ure, another well loved Yorkshire Dales river. The Ure, in turn, joins the River Ouse to drain into the River Humber and from thence into the North Sea at Hull.
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A Gulley drained by Crooked Sike

Crooked Sike

Confluence of River Swale and Whitesundale Beck

Whitsundale Beck
Soon after its birth the River Swale is joined by the Whitsundale Beck coming from Ravenseat at the head of Whitsun Dale, and again a mile further downstream, by the Stonesdale Gill near to Keld. From Keld the Swale bends to the south, sweeping around Gunnerside Moor, burbling past Muker, Ivelet and Gunnerside all the time being joined by many becks and gills. Babbling around the foot of Melbecks Moor it sweeps past Low Row, Healaugh, Reeth, Fremington and Marrick, before turning north east to gurgle below Applegarth where it again levels out in an easterly direction into the City of Richmond. Richmond marks the easterly end of Swaledale, but the river continues from here until spilling into the River Ure.

River Swale by Muker

River Swale by Muker

Arkle Beck

Near to where it joins the River Swale just beyond Reeth
Arkle Beck

River Swale below Applegarth

River Swale below Applegarth
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Wild Beauty of the Coast to Coast Path

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