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Nine Standards Rigg - Hartley Common - Coast to Coast walk

Nine Standards Rigg, Hartley Common, Coast to Coast

Nine Standards Rigg sits on the edge of the steep incline of Hartley Fell, a vast mist-ridden blanket bog full of gulleys, marsh and quagmire. The various features of the Fell help one to glean what it is like to walk well in advance of setting off. Features immediately around the Rigg are named Standards Haggs, Standards Mire, Bastfell Bog, Millstone Haggs, and so on.

The Coast to Coast walk climbs Hartley Fell and passes through the midst of the Nine Standard cairns, at the edge of the blanket bog plateau. The ground here is modestly devoid of bog, but bogs, mires and galleys cannot be avoided along this stretch of the route, even in dry weather. They will persist at least until reaching Millstones. Leaving the path would be the worst possible mistake in poor visibility.

We have walked this plateau, first in very wet weather and next in hot, sunny weather. Our experience in wet weather, accompanied by dense mist, was most unpleasant. If you have the choice opt for good weather. If not, make sure you are well equipped with boots, waterproofs, whistle, maps and spare food.

The photo below has been lightened. It was taken during a brief rising of the mist and rain that encompassed us for most of the walk. The next was taken in good weather.
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Nine Standards in poor weather

Nine Standards Rigg, Kirkby Stephen

Nine Standards in good weather

Nine Standards Rigg

Summit Cairn, Nine Standards in good weather

Summit Cairn, Nine Standards

Looking back to the Summit Cairn, poor weather

None Standards Rigg

The First Gulley and Bog to be crossed

Gulley near Nine Standards
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Wild Beauty of the Coast to Coast Path

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