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Whitsun Dale - Ravenseat - Coast to Coast Walk

Whitsun Dale, Ravenseat, Coast to Coast

Whitsun Dale

When we walked the Coast to Coast path in 2016 we missed out Whitsun Dale due to the adverse weather conditions, but this time around (2018) we committed ourselves to complete this section of the Coast to Coast, come what may. By chance it was, for most of the day, gloriously sunny (not so much when arriving at Whitsun Dale!). On the previous occasion we had left Birkdale Common near to Rowntree Gill. This time we were excited to be continuing on unimpeded by bad weather. As moors go, and in good weather, this moor was attractive and we were excited. The nature of the moorland from Millstones had changed and it was noticeably drier than the Lady Dike area.
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Whitsun Dale, approaching Ravenseat

whitsun dale
As we walked forward reaching the point where we had left the moorland last time, the path turned abruptly to our left, in an easterly direction. We passed quite a few people sitting on the moor enjoying the view (and their lunch) and so I presume they were from the only nearby habitation, which is the farm at Ravenseat, although we were still more than a mile away from it.

Nearing Whitsun Dale valley the scenery became breathtaking, many of the fields adjoining the moor being festooned with wild yellow flowers, and the slowly moving waters of Nay Gill following alongside our path provided the added attraction of tinkling sounds. Our path led through the car park at Ravenseat, the farm at the dale head, and the home of Amanda Owen, the author of the Yorkshire Shepherdess.

I had thought in 2016 that omitting Whitsun Dale from our walk was no big deal and that there would be nothing much to see there anyway. I was very much mistaken, however, and was certainly grateful we had not missed it out again. Walking the length of Whitsun Dale to reach the Swale was a wonderful experience and the scenery along the dale was marvellous. The path followed the Whitsundale Beck all the way to the Swale and there were some amazing views, particularly near to Ravenseat. There were several waterfalls near to How Edge Scars and the view from Oven Mouth was magnificent

Whitsundale Beck, near to Ravenseat

whitsundale beck
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Wild Beauty of the Coast to Coast Path

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