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Applegarth Scar, Marske, Coast to Coast

Applegarth Scar, Marske, Coast to Coast

Applegarth Scar is a steep sided limestone cliff face dropping from the high moors above to the River Swale, just north of the Yorkshire village of Marske. Its vertical descent is interrupted by a wide plateau along which the Coast to Coast path proceeds, and then the steep cliff sides plunge again through Applegarth Low Wood, to reach the valley floor and the River Swale. The Coast to Coast path takes a less direct route to the plateau below the Scar, climbing at a steady, comfortable pace from Marske, passing through the Otterington Plantation where the path crosses the Clapgate Beck.

Nearing Otterington the Scar is dominant in the background, whilst the area below exuberates a rich, lush green from fields left to fallow and the different coloured greens of wild grasses and trees further up. Once upon the broad path on the Applegarth plateau, walking is level and there is plenty of time, while walking, to absorb the fragrant aromas of wild flowers and grasses, to listen to the lilting tunes of meadow songbirds and to follow the Swale along its curving riverbanks far below, winding between woodlands and meadows.
Applegarth Low Wood
Applegarth Scar
Clapgate Beck
Coast to Coast
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Applegarth Scar
This is a different world to the one I know at home in the Wirral, and it is easy to see how Coast to Coast walkers can fall in love with the place, and plan to return at a future date, to live in this sedate, sublimely beauty countryside.

Once engaged on the broad level path, Coast to Coast walkers pass different zones of Applegarth, i.e. West Applegarth, High Applegarth, Low Applegarth and East Applegarth, each of which is dominated by a farm of the same name. West Applegarth is separated from the latter three farms by a large, rounded valley through which the Salmon Gill trickles. At the other end of the valley is Whitcliffe Scar, not as large and not as visible due to the presence of dense trees.

Applegarth Scar denotes the beginning of a long elevated, level walk, along which terrific views of the Swale valley below are consistently present, save during the transit through Whitecliffe Wood, before returning to open countryside en route to Richmond.

Gate to Nowhere, Applegarth

Gate to Nowhere, Applegarth
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Wild Beauty of the Coast to Coast Path

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