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Marrick Ore Hearth Smeltmill, Swaledale

Marrick Ore Hearth Lead Smeltmill, Coast to Coast

Marrick Smeltmill is well-preserved and has the best surviving hearths in England. It has a long history and its sequence of construction illustrates the devloping technology of ore hearth smelt mills. The structure retains its dams, fuel and ore stores.

It is located on the southern bank of Ellers Beck, below the Low Fremington to Marske road, close to Hardraw Scar. It dates from 1574 and was the first to be constructed in Swaledale, and one of the first in England. There are two smeltmills, 50 yards apart, the westmost being known as High Mill and the eastmost being known as Low Mill.
Coast to Coast
Ellers beck
Low Mill
High Mill
Marrick Ore Hearth Lead Smeltmills

Marrick Smeltmills - Low Mill and High Mill

This image was taken from the Coast to Coast path, midway between the village of Marrick and Nun Cote Nook, about 3/4 mile from the ruins. Both smelt mills can be seen. The earliest of the two is known as Low Mill, built about 1574 and is to the east of the other mill which is known as High Mill.
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Wild Beauty of the Coast to Coast Path

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