Coast to Coast Trail Guide

This Trail Guide is Unique compared to those you are familiar with :

- It's Digital

- It's Dynamic

- It has hundreds of quality photographs, taken in good and in bad weather

The Lake District

The Rigg, Haweswater

This scene in Haweswater is typical of the lakeland scenery illustrated in this book.

Yorkshire Dales

Hay Meadows

The Yorkshire Dales are full of Hay Meadows in the late spring and summer

- It has Detailed Route Directions

- And detailed Research Snippets: historical, educational, geographic



Bolton-on-Swale Nature Reserve, just outside of the village

North York Moors

Robin Hood's Bay

The Coast to Coast path finishes traditionally at Robin Hood's Bay on the East Coast.

- There are also Photo Galleries of interesting places en route

- Finally, it includes a Travelogue, written by the author and his beautiful wife, following two Coast to Coast walks.

A travelogue is important because by reading it you learn what the walk is actually like to experience, i.e. walking in the mountains, across blanket blog and meadows; walking in the sun and in the rain; walking when it's hot and when it's cold; route navigation, and so on.